Live Show Date:Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 10AM PST

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The Christmas jiggles are playing everywhere you go, the lights, tinsel and eggnog spread the Christmas cheer, and off we go searching for another gift to make someone’s Christmas a pure delight…

As you look back in time to when you were a kid, do you think Christmas has changed or is it just your perspective of it that’s changed.

In this episode of The Accidental Guru Show, Dõv’s very special guest is his beloved bride Renuka Baron. Renuka is a highly skilled speaker and trainer whose genuine warmth and authentic humour creates a totally inviting banter between her and Dov.

In this show Dov and Renuka take us back to Christmas gone by. They share with us a look at what it was like for them as kids who grew up away from the mega commercialism that we have all become so familiar with.

This is a warm, festive and laid back show where you will have the opportunity to eaves drop in on what is both a fun and quite intimate experience. And who knows…You may even find some very genuine Christmas cheer too.


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