Live Show Date:Thursday, November 29th, 2012 10AM PST

Question: Do you even have a clue what Authentic Leadership is?

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Due to the instability in the European economy, the political unrest in many places around the world and the struggling leadership at home, it could be argued, Leadership development is one of the most needed focuses of our time.

Wherever we look, leadership seems to be struggling. There are so many factors to consider; struggling economy at home and overseas with our trading partners, the cost of living and a low value dollarjobs going to other nations with arguably better education and certainly lowers labor costs. On top of all that, leaders in corporations and organizations have their boards breathe down their neck screaming “cut back, cut back we have to show profit”  

Decision making skills of the Authentic Leader...

As a result, clean clear decision making, which can be challenging even in good times, becomes even more essential. All of us who are in business or who have even been in business know that a business can often fly or crumble on the sharp edge of a decision.

In this episode of our leadership show; Dõv Baron will examine the five questions needed for making powerful, profit generating decision making. In this show Dõv will share some of the key elements needed in corporate and organizational leadership in today’s economy.

Dõv will also share the key ingredients for building Authentic Leadership in your business and the #1 reason many companies go from astronomical growth to stagnation.

Dõv Baron is the host and executive producer of the Accidental Guru Show. He is the leading authority on Authentic Leadership and the world’s only Corporate Cultural Momentum Strategist. He also mentors personal, business and creative leaders through his Personal Excellence Architecture mentoring program.

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