Live Show Date:Thursday, June 27th, 2013 10AM PST

Generally speaking, we here at The Full Monty Leadership Show like to stay away from the make money on-line guys…

But this guest is in a whole different category…

Here’s why: As much as I speak with CEO’s, large corporations and their leadership teams…

It’s clear that the New American Dream is NO longer that corner office, but rather a home office and the possibility of getting out from under the eyeballs of a boss.

My guest Scott Fox  has a background on building business online that is extremely rare… Yes he’s built and run highly successful and profitable sites for super stars like CNN’s Larry King and many others.

However, where this guy is different is in how he is helping people like us, get out there and authentically serve others and in the process build a lifestyle that is aligned with your own set of values.

The title of his book is “Click Millionaires” and you can find out more about it at  But you know what, it’s a terrible title for who this guy authentically is… Because he is all about serving. This is going to be a great show, that will definitely shift your perspective on what you have that you take for granted and how you can serve others and make money with your own common knowledge.

If you have ever considered starting something online, but you fear of “X”, “Y”, or “Z”  has been stopping you…Make sure you tune into this one, it will certainly give you a new perspective!

Scott Fox’ BioinfoSCOTT FOX is the Founder and Host of the popular lifestyle entrepreneur coaching community He is a serial startup executive, podcaster, and Author whose e-business strategy coaching helps solopreneurs, small business owners, and corporations make more money online. Scott has built multi-million dollar e-businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporate web sites like to sites for celebrities like Bill O’Reilly and Larry King. A graduate of the University of Michigan and Stanford Law School, he is the best-selling author of three books: Internet Riches, e-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Online Marketing Strategies, and the new Click Millionaires. Visit for free email newsletters and to join the friendliest lifestyle business coaching community online for free.




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