Live Show Date:Thursday, July 18th, 2013 10AM PST

Question: What War has the US been aggressively involved in for 40+ years?

Don’t know?…I tell you in a moment.

We like to run around the world and shout about how “We are the champions”…but of what? Well among other less than desirable things: The United States of America is #1 Leader in the world for incarcerating its own citizens! In fact, the U.S. houses more inmates than the top 35 European countries combined

Why is that? For a start because we are actively involved in a 40+ year war that we are not only losing but has made the very thing it was supposed to fix much worseTHE WAR ON DRUGS!

The Leadership of Richard Nixon created a war on drugs that has become nothing more than a political, vote feeding, corruption machine that has resulted in the death of thousands of innocent people. It’s made the drug cartel leaders into emperors who pull the strings of their political puppets.

Newark Mayor, Cory Booker pointed out that the war on drugs is destroying African-American communities across the US. The reality of it is: blacks make up just 14% of all drug users, but half of those are in prison for drug offenses.

Now I am not saying you should be in favour of drugs…There’s a very good chance you and I have been brain washed beyond return on that subject. But the bottom line is: Is the war on drugs effective?
Well according to my guest on this episode of Dõv Baron’s Full Monty leadership Show…Retired deputy police chief for the LAPD, the answer is a big fat NO!

Mr Stephen Downing went from a 1960 police rookie all the way through to Deputy Chief in the Bureau of Special Investigations with a major focus of fighting The War on Drugs. He is now a spokesperson for LEAP

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. This is an organization with tens of thousands of Law enforcement members around the world, all of whom want to see the legalization and regulation of drugs. They are all speaking out about the damage the War on Drugs is having on our communities, families, and individuals. The War on Drugs has made the police force and law enforcement agents who were once a welcomed member of the community, now the enemy of the people.

On this show Stephen Downing will address where the War on Drugs is taking us. 

This is just a small sampling of where this enlightening interview will go.

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Why? Because you are a leader!

Find out more about Stephen Downing and LEAP go here

Stephen Downing BioinfoStephen Downing BioStephen Downing began his twenty-year police career in a squad car and finished as a deputy chief of police. As Commander of the Bureau of Special Investigations he over saw the implementation of Richard Nixon’s war on drugs for the LAPD and coordinated drug enforcement activities with county, state and federal authorities. His vast experience in law enforcement has led him to the conclusion that the War on Drugs can never be worth the human and fiscal costs it has incurred. During his final years with the LAPD he was a Deputy Chief in the Bureau of Special Investigations, where he supervised city-wide narcotic, vice and criminal intelligence functions and later served as Deputy Chief in the Personnel and Training Bureau, where he oversaw operations involving the Police Training Academy, recruitment, personnel management, affirmative action and chaired the Department Use of Force and Shooting Review Boards.






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