Live Show Date:Thursday, June 20th, 2013 10AM PST

Question: In big, (I mean really big) business; is there any room for mindfulness, compassion and vulnerability and big profits?

On this episode of Dõv Baron’s Full Monty leadership Show we’ll take a look at why big business is going spiritual…  Yes, you did hear that correctly. However, we are not talking about religion or some new age Woo-Woo. In fact we are talking about doing the kind of things that results in shifts that are proving to be Ka-ching!

As you know my subject is Full Monty Leadership… This is NOT about getting naked!  Full Monty Leadership is about being completely open, revealing, Authentic and deeply connected to one’s self and your team… we do this  through vision, mission, story, empathy and compassion and that is done through unparalleled levels of emotional intelligence….

What does that have to do with this episode? Look, whether you want to face it or not, the world of business is changing,  and according to my guest; “This change is more than a trend or even a movement… it is becoming a revolution in business”

A revolution that is already being fully embraced by some of the big boys, companies like: Google, Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn have all taken this revolution on. What’s surprising to most though, is it has gone even further, in that many of the old boys are coming out of the woodwork to say… This is the way of future business. 

People like Bill Ford of the Ford Motor company and now even Intel, Target and Wal-Mart are shifting gears.

So what is this revolution?

It’s all the things I just described about becoming a Full Monty Leader, it’s the connection between wisdom-leadership and conscious capitalism.

And the latest research is showing that it is the path to massive success and profits!

My guest on this episode is Paul Zelizer, he is the founder of Success for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, a global consultancy that supports wisdom based coaches and consultants in taking their businesses to the next level.

He’s also the Director of Social Media for Wisdom 2.0, a one-of-kind event that brings together business and technology leaders, Zen teachers, neuroscientists, and academics to explore how we can live with deeper meaning in our technology-rich age, and the co-developer of The Wisdom 2.0  event

This is a must listen show for any of us who want wisdom in our business’ as well as profits.

This is just a small sampling of where this great interview goes.

Make sure you share this with your friends and tune in on Thursday June 20th  @10:AM (Pac) 1:PM (EST)

Why? Because you are a leader! 




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