Live Show Date:Thursday, July 25th, 2013 10AM PST

Question: How would your business change if you were able to predict the future?

We are entering into a new cycle of business and society where knowing how to predict where we are going could be the difference between going under or flourishing.

On this episode of Dõv Baron’s Full Monty leadership Show we will look at how the face of business and for that matter society are at the beginning of a great shift.

It’s the shift that guaranteed that Mitt Romney would Not get elected in the last presidential election and that Obama would be re-elected.

My guest on this episode is Mr. Michael Drew.  He is the author of the ground-breaking business book: Pendulum; How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future.

Michael says that: Politics, manners, humor, sexuality, wealth, even our definitions of success are periodically renegotiated based on the new values society chooses to use as a lens to judge what is acceptable. And he asks us to look at whether these new values are randomly chosen or is there a pattern?

Michael Drew’s reputation precedes him in that he is a maverick who gets results… He has been marketing books for his entire career, and he’s become the world’s most successful book promoter, having launched over 75 consecutive books onto best-seller lists, many of them number-one titles, on lists like the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

In this show we will examine the two major 40 cycles known as the “Me” cycle and the “We” cycle. We will look at where we presently are and the impact this will have on where we are going and what we are doing.

We will also look at why the Occupy Movement became so big so fast. Why we are in a time of fierce absolutes (absolute right, absolute wrong). We will even take a look at why China has become the economic mammoth that it has and why it seems to be in a very different cycle than the west. 

We’ll will take a look at what all this means to leadership both in companies and in government and discuss the common determining downfall of both.

This is a going to be a fascinating must listen show, and just a small sampling of where this great interview goes.

Make sure you share this with your friends and tune in on Thursday July 25, 2013   @10:AM (Pac) 1:PM (EST)

Why? Because you are a leader! 


Michael Drew Bio (Scroll Over)infoMichael Drew Bio (Scroll Over)Michael R. Drew is a maverick who gets results. Marketing books for his entire career, Michael’s become the world’s most successful book promoter, having launched over 75 consecutive books onto best-seller lists, many of them number-one titles. Beyond merely helping authors’ books to sell well, Michael has benefited from these writers’ insights into social trends. He himself has observed up-close the shifting dynamics of society— as with his work on Pendulum—and has seen firsthand the rapid and long-term changes in the publishing industry and how content reaches today’s varied audiences. Michael honed his skills at such respected publishers as Bard Press, Entrepreneur Magazine, Longstreet Press and Thomas Nelson Publishers, among others. He has mastered the intricacies of publishing and, in adapting to today’s fast-evolving industry, Michael founded Promote A Book to work directly with writers to help them spread their message.




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