Live Show Date:Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 10AM PST

Question: Who’s at fault for today’s troubled youth and the bullying epidemic?

With bullying at an epidemic level and the rate of teen suicide soaring, maybe it’s time to stop pointing fingers and take personal and community responsibility.

Think about it, you know as well as I do; every parent is an idiot… If you don’t believe me, just get someone to ask your teen age kid.

So let me ask you: How much better would your children’s lives be if they had a trusted caring adult to guide them?

Research shows; that the most important factor in Saving and Strengthening our Youth is that they have a relationship with between 1 and 3 caring trusted adults. (non parental, remember we are idiots)

In fact, the research goes further in stating kids who have these kind of relationships are healthier, more resilient and more likely to meet their goals.

My guest on this episode of Dõv Baron’s Full Monty Leadership Show is Dr Mollie Marti. She is a trained lawyer and psychologist who had an exceptional mentor who taught her how to be a servant leader.

It was through serious sickness and facing the prospect of death that Dr. Mollie Marti found herself with needing to pass on the wisdom shared with her through her mentor.

Her new book: Walking  With Justice… Uncommon Lesson’s from one of life’s greatest mentors, is the fascinating story of the lessons and guidance given to her by her mentor Judge Max Rosenn, a Judge for The United States Court of Appeals.

It is through these lessons that Dr. Mollie Marti now speaks to Lawyers and Judges in educating them in the power of justice with peace.

She has taken this message further and has become the CEO of Community Resilience Project that is dedicated to strengthening the leaders of tomorrow…today’s youth.   In fact, a percentage of profits from this book go to

Dr. Marti says: “We are creating an environment that is sucking the very life out of our youth and that things must change Now!” She goes on to say that as well intentioned as the Anti Bullying programs are, they are breeding a generation of kids who are taking on the label of “victim”.  When what they really need is the resilience that comes from having a community.

According to Dr Marti it really does take a village, and none of us can afford to point fingers or pretend it’s none of our business. 

This is just a small sampling of where this great interview goes.

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Why? Because you are a leader! 

Dr Mollie Marti’s Sites: &

Dr. Mollia Marti Bio (Scroll Over)infoDr. Mollie Marti Bio (Scroll Bio)Her mission is crystal clear: to mentor leaders to thrive and serve. Both a lawyer and psychologist by training, Dr. Mollie Marti is a well-published resiliency researcher, lecturer, and Director of the Community Resiliency Project, a nonprofit organization that supports communities through crisis recovery and long-term resiliency building. Her newest book, Walking with Justice, shares the uncommon lessons of her life’s greatest mentor, a wise federal judge and iconic public servant who taught her that it is our service to others that defines the quality of our life. With her unique ability to combine the science of success with the art of exceptional living, Dr. Marti serves as a frequent media resource from an apple orchard in scenic northeast Iowa where she lives with her husband, their three children, and a large family of pets.







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