Live Show Date:Thursday, October 4th, 2012 10AM PST

Entrepreneurship and Loss

Leadership is always about serving.

However, I think you’d agree, that life doesn’t always go as planned, sometime you are going in one direction and suddenly you are thrown into another, and that direction may inadvertently turn you into the reluctant leader.

Leadership in many ways is about adaptability, meaning you get up when you’ve been knocked down, even turning that knock down into something positive, something that might even become your life’s path.

We all know change is inevitable, yet we resist it whenever we can… Then again there are things that happen where avoiding change is just NOT an option.

Loss, is something more people are dealing with right now in than likely at any point in modern history. We are a country at war, people are being laid off from forty year careers.

Business’s are closing their doors and houses are still being foreclosed at an alarmingly high rate.

It this episode we are going to be joined by a guest who has experience just that.

At the young age of 40, Carole Brody Fleet had a thriving career in the cosmetics industry. She had known Mike the man she married for fifteen years. They had built a new house and looked like they would be living the happily ever after story until they were an old couple.

But all that came to a crushing end when her husband died after a two year battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease. A young widow with a then, 11 year old daughter had to deal with the devastation of becoming a young widow.

This lady not only came through this devastation, along the way she discovered that there were many other women and men, who where exactly where she had been.

And she realized that she was, ready or not, required to step up and be a leaders and serve these people.

According to the American Association of Retired Persons 2001says; there are more than 13.7 million widowed persons in the United States, over 11 million of these being women. But those numbers are grossly understated due to the fact that they do NOT include those who lost their partners but were never legally married, and of course it does not include LGBT community.

My guest on this episode of the show is Carole Brody Fleet she is the award-winning author of the new book, “Happily EVEN After…” and the critically acclaimed national bestseller, “Widows Wear Stilettos….

She is also the Founder and CEO of Widows Wear Stilettos, Inc.

This is a woman who has built a road map through uncharted territory for the previously ignored young windowed.

A woman who stands proudly in her stilettos in the face of death, and has now become the GPS for those who are young and have been widowed and disenfranchised.

In this show Carole will also share with us how she was able to take an idea, (Widow’s wear stiletto’s from a book idea to a bestseller.) Take an accidental business and turn it into an international phenomena.



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