Live Show Date:Thursday, July 4th, 2013 10AM PST

Question: Could it be that the emerging corporate world is becoming a playing field for spiritual awakening?

On this episode of Dõv Baron’s Full Monty leadership Show we’ll take a look at why big business is beginning to understand that moving forward, having spiritual awakened leaders is an important part of being successful.

In this episode we’ll take a look at why the face of leadership must change and mature. That means that the corporate leaders of the future will indeed be Awakened Leaders!

We’ll look at how the desire to climb the corporate mountain is no different than the desire to pursue the “path of enlightenment”.

My guest today is Alan Shelton, he is a high level corporate trainer who has worked with companies like Boeing, North face and Wrangler to name a few.

Alan Shelton is also the author of the book: “Awakened Leadership”, Beyond Self-Mastery. This book that takes us through Alan’s personal journey of awakening… from being a boy born in Northern California who felt and answered a calling from within himself to succeed beyond anything, anyone in his family had ever done, and thus challenge the family belief systems he has grown up with.

This calling expanded to have him journey to India to sit at the feet of those who had strived and maybe even attained enlightenment.

But what’s all this got to do with business?
Alan Shelton has taken what he learned on his spiritual quest and applied it to his university studies of Business. Alan was brought into the world of business under the wings of some of the greats, people like Peter Drucker and one of his professors was the world renowned Stephen Covey… Combining these two worlds Alan Shelton  has created a model for Awakened Leadership.

In this show we will take a look at…

  • Why the world of business can become a spiritual path
  • Why the next generation of leaders (the Millennials) still need to learn from the Boomers
  • Why companies like Monsanto are still alive

This is a must listen show for anyone who wants to a have business without losing their soul.

This is just a small sampling of where this great interview goes.

Make sure you share this with your friends and tune in on Thursday July 4th  @10:AM (Pac) 1:PM (EST)

Why? Because you are a leader! 

Alan Shelton Bio (Scroll Over)infoAlan Shelton Bio (Scroll Over) ALAN E. SHELTON grew up immersed in the sixties’ vision of infinite possibility. He began his career in 1977 at Price Waterhouse, structuring and negotiating Fortune 500 merger and acquisition transactions. After decades of managing and advising large multinational companies, as well as the type of early-stage organizations that launched his highly successful career, Alan migrated to leadership coaching – with clients such as VF Corp., the University of San Diego and Celgene. Having experienced his own awakening, he began to ignite others who want to live authentically in the global corporate world, supporting them to deconstruct the assumptions that conceal the doorway to living as the awakened self. Alan shares his story in the groundbreaking book Awakened Leadership (May 2012). Stephen Covey taught us the habits of effective leaders. Eckhart Tolle exposed us to the land of awakening. Now, Alan Shelton integrates these two worlds and sheds light on the hope of a life of leadership that encourages authentic living for the greatest impact.







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